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​ In honor of Mental Wellness month, let's talk about self-care.

Happy New Year from Frontline Counseling Center!

With the new year upon us and the chance to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future, I want to take this opportunity and encourage you to look inward and ask yourself: Am I taking care of myself? For years, January has been recognized as National Mental Wellness Month. This is the perfect reminder for us all to not only raise awareness of mental illness but also to reflect on our own mental health and well-being.

There is no denying that we live in a stressful world filled with constant demands on our time, attention, and emotional energy. As a frontline responder, the responsibilities you carry, added to the overwhelming nature of your job, can make it challenging to find time or space to take care of yourself. You may not always be able to see or feel the impact that your work has on your mental health, which is why it's so important to pause, assess and prioritize your self-care. Reminder: Self-care is not selfish. It' a necessity!

Brushing feelings of distress aside that you experience as just another part of the job won't cut it either. In reality, catching early signs of mental illness can be a life-saving intervention for many. If you experience symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression, it's important to reach out for help and not suffer in silence. Acknowledging your feelings and seeking support can help keep you on track at work and prevent mental health issues from becoming more serious. The good news is that there are countless big and little ways that you can take care of your mental health on a daily basis. The trick is to find something that works for you and that you enjoy and then do it consistently. Here are five simple ideas to get you started:

✅Take a walk in nature or spend the day at the beach. ✅Listen to your favorite feel-good song or consider getting tickets for that concert you've thought about for so long. ✅Pick up a new hobby that involves doing something physical, like learning how to dance or play a musical instrument. ✅Meal prep your favorite healthy lunch or dinner. ✅ Get a massage or consider taking a yoga class. 

Taking care of your mental health isn't something that should be put off until tomorrow or just when you have time. It's important to pay attention to the things that bring you joy and make you feel relaxed so that you can incorporate them into your daily life.

If you need help navigating the journey of mental health, I'm always just a call aways.

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