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How a First Responder Therapist Can Help You

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As a first responder, you’ve undergone a great deal of training. You learned how to do your job safely. You learned the law in relation to what you do. Additionally, you’re taught how to protect yourself from harm when responding to an incident. However, no one teaches you how to cope with the stress and many other emotions. When you need help, don’t just search for a therapist, search, “first responder therapist near me.” Not all therapists know how to help officers, fire fighters, EMTs and others serving on the front lines.

They Understand the Difficulties of Your Job

If you were to ask your co-workers how they’re feeling after the latest call, some may say scared, some may say angry, others may say they have learned not to feel anything. No one reacts the same way to the same experience. A first responder therapist has the training to help you navigate the emotions you are experiencing. She can also teach you how to deal with them in a healthy manner. The best thing you can learn is not to bottle up how you’re feeling or just “sucking it up” as part of your job.

Through counseling, not only will you improve your mental health, but many first responders report better sleep, improvements in their relationships and new communication skills. If you’ve lost the passion you once had for a career you love, you may even find that again through therapy.

Finding the Right First Responder Therapist Near You

When you search “first responder therapist near me” you may see a few or many results. Not everyone you see will have the training that truly qualifies them as first responder therapists. Check that the one you choose does have the qualifications you need to help you. Have an initial visit, make sure you feel comfortable with the therapist. If you do not, find someone else.

If you’re looking for help as a first responder, I’m a certified first responder counselor through Academy Hour. I’m also a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s in both Forensic Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have the background and training to assist you with your needs as a first responder. Call me today at (908) 292-8017 to schedule your initial consultation.


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