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Specializing in
First Responders, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Abuse


At Frontline Counseling Center in Cranford, NJ, we are a team of dedicated professionals that want to give you the tools you need to handle the challenges that life throws your way. We truly believe with the right treatment plans, we can assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Specializing in helping first responders, trauma, anxiety, depression and substance abuse, we are able to empower you to embrace the ups and downs of everyday life.

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Caring and Compassionate

Client-Centered Approach

Individualized Programs

Online Therapy Available

Has going to work become more difficult for you? Have you begun questioning if you have chosen the right career or if this is all worth it? Has that fire and passion you once had for the job seem to have dwindled? Are you finding that things that didn't really bother you before are really bothering you now? Are you feeling like your administrators don't have your back? If so it may be time to speak to someone.

Do you experience intense feelings of distress that remind you of a difficult event in your life? Do you experience physical reactions such as sweating and pounding heart when reminded of the trauma? Do you have invasive, upsetting memories of a tragedy? Do you feel like the trauma is at times happening again? Do you want to finally move on from that difficult event? If so I am here to help

Do you feel like you are constantly worrying about something making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. Do you often feel agitated or on edge? Do you find that you are often in a bad mood especially when you are really worried. Have you experienced trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you want to finally let go of the worry and feel more like yourself? Give me a call.

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Are you calling out of work or canceling plans with friends. Are you withdrawing from activities you once really enjoyed? Have you started to experience extreme fatigue and all you want to do is sleep? Have you been experiencing angry outburst for things that normally would not have made you angry? Are you seeing changes in appetite and weight? I can help you go back to enjoying the things that you once loved. Give me a call.

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Have you tried to give up using only to find yourself weeks, months, or years later using again? Are you using to numb the feelings of shame or hopelessness only to find yourself feeling even more hopeless and shame after using? Do you want control over your substance use? Do you want to get to the root of what drives you to use? If so, I may be able to help.



Have you recently experienced a significant loss? Are you struggling with daily tasks? Are you experiencing physical pain? Are you hoping to find ways not to move on but to move forward?

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