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Colin Lochner

Licensed Associate Counselor, JD, MSEd, MA, LAC, NCC

Like a lot of veterans, my war time experience focused my thinking about what I wanted to do with my post-military life.  Consequently, I started a social work career counseling combat veterans in NYC.  This work led to earning graduate degrees in counseling psychology, forensic psychology and ultimately the law.  I retired from the Superior Court of New Jersey in 2021, after managing drug court programs, probation services and adult probation supervision units in Essex and Union counties.

My work has involved working closely with law enforcement officers, parole officers, probation officers, corrections officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys and combat veterans in a variety of settings, to include jails, hospitals, shelters and the "streets."  My particular areas of interest are men's issues, drug and alcohol addiction, anger management, domestic violence, work-related stress, trauma, and loss.

While I'm well versed in a variety of treatment approaches, I believe first and foremost, in doing what works.  My aim is to help clients negotiate life's challenges by identifying and activating their resources, strengthening their self-efficacy, enhancing their resilience, and taking ownership of their choices.  I'm schooled in the evidence-based practices of motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy and most recently, in spiritual companionship counseling.

"Go tell it to the Marines," was a common refrain I heard when I first joined the Marine Corps.  This expression refers to the fact that Marines are deployed all over the world, and they have seen it all.  In other words, you cannot shock a Marine.  If you're having difficulty with a situation that appears to have no solution, give me a call.  Tell it to a Marine.  Maybe I can help.

Colin Lochner
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